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Acrylic on board with black frame

1220mm x 1220mm x 50mm

Oct 2023

As water gracefully descends the slopes of Maunga, it mirrors the timeless rhythm of nature, inviting contemplation that resonates with the human experience. Within this landscape, a symbiosis unfolds between the enduring solidity of the landforms and the inherent resilience found within us all. Like the steadfast mountains, there emanates a palpable sense of fortitude.

Yet, there are moments when the skies open up, and rain descends, carving new pathways across the familiar terrain. It's as though life's challenges etch fresh perspectives into our journey, revealing unseen contours of our existence. From their heights, rain cascades freely, leaving its mark upon the earth. Yet, amidst this deluge emerges a sense of rejuvenation—a testament to the regenerative power inherent in both nature and the human spirit.

In this painting, my aim is to capture the universal connections between the natural world and the complexities of the human condition. It serves as an honest portrayal of the shared journey we all navigate, intricately intertwined with the beauty and challenges of our surroundings.

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