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I picked up my first paintbrush at 36, a late start for someone who spent their school years focused on more "academic" pursuits. Back then, I was nudged away from art towards subjects that promised a stable career.


Growing up on a dairy farm along Taranaki's coast, however, creativity was inescapable. My dad, a dairy farmer, would come home from milking everyday and sit and play the Hammond Electric Organ for hours at a time composing on the spot. My mum, a nurse and violinist, would design and make countless costumes for dancing competitions that my sister and I were totally immersed in. Our parents cultivated creativity in all four of their kids, and I'm forever grateful for that.

Dance was my first creative love—a language I understood instinctively, and music was its emotional counterpart. When not dancing, I roamed the farm, built huts, explored rivers, tramped through the bush and galloped my horse, Abba, along the black sands of our beaches. These experiences now breathe life into my art.


As an adult, I found myself drawn to the film industry, forging a career as a Casting Director and Movement Coach. Despite a lingering fear of facing a blank canvas, my fascination with art only grew stronger. Viewing artworks in Auckland's galleries became a kind of emotional pilgrimage for me. It was during an introductory drawing and art class with Matthew Browne that I finally found the confidence to explore painting as fluently as I did dancing.

My creative process today flows between landscapes and abstracts, guided more by spontaneity than overthinking. I let instinct and intuition shape my work, discovering images as I paint. My landscapes echo memories etched over time, while abstracts reflect the emotional undercurrents of my subconscious. Balancing these two styles keeps my creativity alive and evolving, with each informing and enriching the other when viewed side by side.

Above all, my art is an invitation—to connect, to explore, and to celebrate. It's a testament to my journey of embracing environment, intuition, and diverse expressions, translating dreams into tangible beauty.

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