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Acrylic and resin on board

1200mm x 1200mm x 45mm


"Pink" is a joyful expression where colour and movement unite to create a lively and expressive work. As shapes flow and dance freely across the canvas, the calming properties of pink, a colour associated with love, kindness, and femininity, seamlessly blend with the dynamic swirling ballet of shapes and form. This fusion achieves a harmonious balance between the energetic and the serene, resonating with my deep connection to the world of dance.

This work is a creative exploration, pushing beyond the visual captivation of hues, and delving into the psychological impact of colour on our mood. By integrating both my background in dance and psychology, I have used movement as a means of transcending into a realm of pure expression and bliss, enriched with the incorporation of the psychology of colour and how such a vibrant of pink evokes emotion from the viewer.

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